Virgin Hair Reviewing

“I’m so happy I found Virgin hair from Beautyforever hair mall; suffering from Alopecia and trying to find integrated hair systems is a mind field! So many companies that specialize in hair loss solutions over inflate their prices by claiming they offer something unique, when it’s not the case at all!

Hair Extension Solution for hair loss 

The customer service I received from VH&B was outstanding, within an hour of sending my initial enquiry at around 9pm on a Sunday, Katie was emailing me with help and advice and answering my 20-something questions, which was so refreshing! Some online companies I’ve contacted before treat you as a ‘nuisance’ when you have a ton of questions! Thanks to her I felt 100% confident that I was placing my order for something that would suit my needs and she was companionate about my hair loss without being patronising!

The prices they charge, considering the quality of the hair and the fact that you can tailor hair texture and colour to match your own, is incredibly competitive. The hair I ordered was perfect and blended seamlessly with my own hair, even after two weeks in the Caribbean, the hair was still beautiful and it allowed me to feel like “me” again.

Virgin Hair Review

What I love most about VH&B is that they’ve put my mind at ease… I know if my hair loss gets worse they will be there to help, whether it’s a lace wig or something more bespoke. It’s a comforting feeling to know such a great company is out there! And in the UK!!!! Thank you VH&B, I hope more people with hair loss, like me, find you and don’t end up getting conned by these so called hair loss experts!!!”

Our client was very clear about what she needed, after years of trial and error she has found a solution which works for her. Get in touch with us to find out how she achieved this beautiful result and to discuss how we may be able to help you.





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