How to transform your look with wigs, weaves & hair dyes?

How to transform your look with wigs,weaves & hair dyes?

A drastic transformation can be intimidating for most which is why more and more people are opting for less permanent solutions such as human hair wigs, weaves or temporary hair dyes.
Lace frotn wigs of all kinds, colours and lengths are fast gaining popularity.
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From braids to curls… a hair change is possible without having to spend hours at the hairdresser or compromising your hairline.
We take a lot at some of the hair trends, and offer make-up inspiration to go with your new look.
What is a lace front wig?
Lace front wigs have several benefits over traditional weaves and braiding techniques. The greatest benefit comes from the cap design “lace” base of the wig, which is designed to make it appear as though the hair is growing directly from your scalp.
This innovative design means no more blending issues, no more covering tracks, and best of all, the versatility of being able to wear your hair in any style you can imagine.
Styles that are impossible with traditional weaving methods such as high ponytails, corn rows, and twists can be achieved with a whole lace wig.
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Also, because all of your own hair is tucked safely away beneath the wig, it is possible to maintain healthy hair care and growth for your own hair, avoiding heating utensils and the wear and tear of daily styling – all while maintaining a fabulous, natural look.
Wig and Weave expert Aretha Bauwens. Credit: Supplied
Former Muvhango TV series actress Bauwens is the owner of boutique and hair salon, AB by Aretha Bauwens. She shares with us some of her weave and wig care dos and don’ts.
What prompted you to get into the hair business?
I absolutely love good quality hair and I was struggling to find good quality. I then decided to import and sell. I have my own collection of wigs which I design and style myself.
Biggest weave and wig care do’s and don’ts?
1. Blow-dry your human hair weave or wig with hot air while it’s still wet, you will reduce its lifespan.
2. Put greasy products on your human hair weave and wig, you will ruin it.
3. Blow-dry curly weaves and wigs, you will kill the curls.
1. Wash your human hair weave and wig once every two weeks and deep condition them.
2. Apply dry oil and heat protection products before you style your weave or wig with hot styling tools.
3. Cover your weave or wig with a silky scarf before bed or wrap your pillow with a silky scarf to avoid your linen sucking the oil off your hair
4. Cover your weave or wig with a towel before you step into the shower to avoid the steam ruining your style.
Top 5 weave and wig must-haves, colours and styles for this summer?
1. Don’t be afraid to go lighter.
2. Blonde, ombre, grey, red and natural black with some copper highlights are definite must-haves this summer.
3. Deep wave with a bit of volume, body wave which is soft and bouncy.
4. Natural waves with that beach type of look.
5. Silky straight.
Aretha Bauwens’s hair studio is located at The Square, 50 Buitenkant Street, Cape Town.
For more information click here

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