Choose The Right Weave For You

Beauties, a new hairstyle can make you feel fabulous with just one salon visit. Whether you are a woman with natural or relaxed hair, a Human Virgin Hair Bundles can provide versatility (no need to cut your own hair or wait for it to grow out).

Currently, we here at Hello Beautiful are loving hair company (and movement) Beautyforever hair. They offer 100% quality Human Virgin Hair Bundles in various lengths and textures to over 50,000 women. They empower hairstylists to be their own retailers and provide an additional revenue stream.


Top Beautyforever hair hairstylist Rosalyn LaFone of Touched by LaFone talked to us about choosing the right weave. If you are going to maintain the same hairstyle for two months, you better like it! Rosalyn begins by saying before you choose your weave, you should think about the message you want to convey. “It all depends on your personality, the style that you are trying to achieve and your day-to-day life,” she says. Are you low maintenance? If so, don’t choose a weave that requires a lot of styling. Rosalyn also encourages to look for versatility: “How many ways can you wear this one style?”

Using Beautyforever hair hair extensions, Rosalyn shows us three different types of hair like Deep Wave Human Hair Weave, Brazilian human hair weavesombre body wave hair that work for the various personalities and lifestyles of our readers!


Touched By LaFone
Rosalyn suggests straight hair by Beautyforever hair. But go for the Peruvian if you want a thicker look.

“With straight hair you don’t have to do much to it but comb it and brush it. It’s less maintenance!” Rosalyn assures.

Another benefit of straight hair is that you can create curly and wavy styles, and have a lot of versatility very easily.

If you are getting a weave for the first time, go for something you are used to in terms of length. If you hair is shorter, try a 10 or 12-inch hair extension. “I’d go no longer than 14 inches for a first-time weave wearer,” advises Rosalyn. A bob style is an easy first-time style to try, beauties!

Remember: It’s not just putting in a weave, you also must maintain and take care of your hair underneath.

“You have to go back and visit your hairstylist. You have to get it washed, get it treated, get your scalp taken care of,” Rosalyn recommends.

Put oil in your scalp to keep it nutrient-rich and moisturized. Rosalyn’s favorite oil is Taliah Waajid African Healing Oyl. “Look for products that are packaged in cone tops,” she adds. “It’s easier for the products to get in between your braids and tracks and directly onto your scalp”.

A weave doesn’t always have to be a “hairy” situation.


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