2016 Hair Weave Extension Trend

2016 Hair Weave Extension Trend

Lace front closures are still really popular in 2016, with the lace front devices making it appear as if real scalp is shown beneath the weave hair and not thread from the weave being sewn into the hair.


As seen in the above photo, the weaveologist parts the hair to reveal a lace front closure that appears as real hair would. With promises of no harmful glues or telltale headbands, the lace front method of weave installation is a curious one.
The hairline features of such weave installation processes are also improving, with a more natural hairline appearing for the lace front closures than those that have appeared in the past.
As long as the adherents of lace front closures can stand having a significant portion of their real hair beneath a lace structure, which can be itchy at times, the type of weave is very wearable. There are products that have been specifically designed to help prevent and improve itching for weave wearers, and essential oils can greatly help prevent itching and bad odors as well.
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