Why Is Brazilian Hair Good?

c700x420Various hair colors

Brazilian hair weaves to be had in various colorings so anybody can pick out their preferred one in step with their complexion. Brazilian hair weft made absolutely out of 100% human hair.

Various hairstyles 

Virgin Brazilian hair can be used for Brazilian hair body wave, straight, natural wave, loose wave, curly hair weave utility. The best part about Brazilian hair weaves is that you treat and care for them as if they were your own hair.

Buying 100% Unprocessed Brazilian Hair

Nobody wants to spend his valuable money on a fake product. That’s why the last thing you want to purchase is a synthetic product claiming to be the 100% Brazilian hair weaves. They will melt or will be unable to sustain any style like real weaves would.

To save you the heartbreak, we have compiled some tested ways to identify whether the hair weave you want to buy is original or synthetic.

Tips to Test Your Brazilian hair weave 

Buy only from sources that are recommended by your friends, people who have already bought Brazilian hair weaves from there. Make sure you also do your homework before visiting the place.

Check how the Brazilian hair weaves feel. Although, you cannot try a hot iron to verify its authenticity right there and then, but you can still touch to know how the texture feels. We all know how real hair feels like, so identifying synthetic hair from real Brazilian hair weaves is rather simple and straightforward.

You can also check reviews from salons or online retailers who claim to sell 100% authentic and durable hair weaves. Always remember, cosmetic products are priced for a reason. Don’t buy anything that is priced too good to be true.

Check the color as it is not supposed to be dyed and may slightly vary for some portions of the hair. Come to think of it, we have hair that may have different shades and not necessarily uniformly colored in a single tone.

Check the quality and texture of the shaft and ends of the hair weave you’re about to purchase. Maybe it is 70% real hair and 30% artificial. Also, if you notice any breakages or split ends, reject the product right away.

Fake hair is often recognizable as it is all of the same color, done in an attempt to deceive the buyer who will mistake them for authentic and genuine hair.

When you wish to buy 100% genuine Brazilian hair weaves at Beautyforever hair mall, you can also check them after buying. Before you have it woven onto your head, do a flame test with any strand of the weave. If it is not real, it will be extremely flammable. Although, real hair can burn easily as well, you can easily identify the smell of burning human hair and something that is synthetic. You can return the fake hair to the store by showing them the same test.


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