Brazilian Virgin Hair Bring Beauty to You


Celebrities are famous for their amazing talents, gorgeous faces, and their stunning looks to different red carpet events. They always make an effort to make a memorable arrival to such happenings with their designer clothing, accessories, and shoes. The audience always anticipates their favorite celebrity’s look and somehow wish that they could achieve it on their own. What is not often talked about on these red carpet events, however, is how these celebrities are just like everyone else in the sense that they also have insecurities. Among their most coveted (and not so secret anymore) beauty secrets include Brazilian virgin hair.

Fortunately, these virgin hair bundles are not exclusively for Hollywood stars and celebrities alone. Even you can enjoy it, thanks to hair salons like Beauty Forever Hair that offer Brazilian hair for sale to people desiring to enhance their look just their favorite celebrities. Aside from the instant “revamp” that hair extensions give to its wearer, there are other advantages to it, such as adding volume to flat-looking hair and covering up damaged, dry hair.
For women fond of having treatments, dyeing their hair, or are frequent users of heated styling products, Beauty Forever Hair are definitely perfect for you. Hair extensions can be cut, colored, and styled, but without the danger of damaging your natural hair. Clip-in hair extensions are also available for women who are always on the go and don’t have the luxury of time for styling their hair.


Virgin Brazilian Hair Weave Online Sale

Brazilian Hair 

Now a day’s Brazilian hairs are very much in demand. Brazilian queen hair is soft and shiny. Brazilian hairs are used much among people because of its softness, durability and thickness. Different textures in Brazilian hair can be worn. Brazilian texture includes straight, curled and dyed.

All Brazilian hair bundles usually come from one donor. When the bundle occurs from one donor then there is consistency in hair color. Brazilian hair weaves are easily available in order to help people fulfilling their need or demand. The extensions can last for one year if proper care is given.

Variety of Brazilian hair

There is a wide range of Brazilian hair available in market. It includes Brazilian relay virgin hair, hair bundles with closure, coarse human hair, kinky straight blow out, brazilian body wave, kinky curly clip, Brazilian deals with closures and much more.

Price range

Brazilian hair weave or hair extensions are available in unbeatable prices. Each hair extension is different in style and nature. The prices of hair weaves are according to its style and demand. The hair extensions are available in different price range. User can select the one according to his/her choice.

Different textured hairs

Brazilian hair includes Mink Brazilian straight, Mink Brazilian curly hair, Mink Brazilian exotic waves, Mink Brazilian wavy, Mink Brazilian big wave, Brazilian wavy silk base closures, Brazilian wavy lace closures, Brazilian straight silk base closures and Brazilian straight lace closures.

Mink textured straight
Mink Brazilian hair is popular among people. Brazilian virgin hair is popular among people due to its wide range of variety. Mink Brazilian straight hairs are straight and silky.

Mink Kinky curly hair
Mink Brazilian curly hairs are curly and smooth. Now a day’s curly hairs are very much in demand. Each collection of mink Brazilian curly hairs has collected from on donor. Mink Brazilian curly hairs can last for more than one year if proper care is given.

Different textures of hair extensions are also available in market which includes Light yaki, Coarse yaki, Kinky straight, kinky curly, deep wave, loose deep wave, kinky curly, wet and wavy, Brazilian relay virgin hair, Brazilian hair bundle deals, coarse human hair, kinky straight blow out, Brazilian body wave, kinky curly clip, Brazilian deals with closures and much more. One can apply the texture or extension according to their mood and choice.

Virgin Indian Hair for Your Beauty

Virgin Indian Hair

Get Virgin Indian Hair Weave for Your Beauty!

A woman’s hair is a representation of her beauty. Hair is also considered a reflection of one’s thoughts and an extension of one’s personality. Among Native American cultures, hair length symbolizes one’s personal glory, while the style of hair implies which stage a person is at in his or her life.

We specialize in only the best quality 100% indian virgin hair products and the weave hair extension system. All of the virgin human hair products we carry are tangle-free guaranteed for one months.

Beauty forever hair also guarantee you get the best retail price for the same quality hair in the industry within 15 days of purchasing. Remember, You are dealing with a factory outlet place. Order your free hair samples from us today! Beauty forever professional and personalized service will tell you who is the best in this industry. We are committed to excellence.



Shopping Brazilian Virgin Hair Bundles

Since the hair comes in different lengths, this only holds true if the hair is under 16 inches. For bundles that are over 16 inches, experts recommend three to four bundles of hair, as the longer the hair, the shorter the weft. If you want to ensure a lot of volume, it is recommended to buy three to four bundles. If you only want a partial weave or extension, one or two bundles should suffice. Since some hair is sold by the ounce, this is the equivalent of 8 to 10 inches.

Basically, packs are prepackaged and are generally what you get at beauty supply stores, whereas bundles are not packaged. Rather, they are virgin brazilian hair bundles that you order directly from the supplier. Many people advocate the benefits of bundles because, unlike packs, bundles have not been processed and can generally be used much longer than packs can.

One of the foremost benefits of opting for hair bundles of brazilian virgin hair is the huge selection of Brazilian hair bundle deals available on the Web. Online hair extension retailers such as Virgin Hair Fixx allow you to shop for the extensions that you want, from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Most retailers offer bundle deals that allow you to get a free  with every two bundles of hair purchased, and so on. This setup not only helps you stock up on your favorite hair extensions but also enables you to save money while doing so.

Additionally, Brazilian hair is known for its strength and durability. When you purchase virgin hair bundle deals, then you’ll have plenty of hair to last a while. Each bundle of Brazilian hair is long-lasting and is one of the primary reasons why Brazilian hair is considered to be top quality. It is also one of the healthiest types of hair since its natural moisture content produces a constant glossy sheen.
If you’re interested in styling your hair in numerous ways, then perhaps the most significant benefit to purchasing Brazilian hair bundles is that the products are extremely versatile. Hair purchased in packs has already been processed, but because Brazilian hair is virgin hair, it hasn’t been processed yet. This means you can color, cut, and style your extensions how you wish without its quality being affected. You can then achieve the most natural look since you can dye the extension to match your own hair color.

Is she wearing an lace frontal closure? Beautyforever hair


One of the primary reasons we wear hair extensions, is to give our natural hair a break from the daily styling and stress put on our strands. Protective styles are the air under our natural hair wings, but can we all let out a collective I CAN’T over the thought of blending our leave-out and edges everyday?
If you’re looking for an alternative to hauling out your flat-iron in the mornings, look no further than a lace or silk-based closure. Lace frontal are top-pieces measuring 3.5″ x 4″ in length, and are attached over your scalp area at the front of the weave to -literally- close it. If you plan to wear your weave straight down most days, closures are a great way to give your scalp some rest, and achieve a seamless look throughout your weave.
Now, if you’re looking for scalp protection, but 3.5″ x 4″ sounds a little skimpy: enter the lace frontal. These bad boys are also considered closures, but they measure 13″ x 4″, allowing your entire hairline to get its life and rest easy from ear-to-ear. 360 lace frontal closure can be easily manipulated to either have a part or kept free-form for when you can’t decide if you want that sleek Ciara middle part or that tousled Gabrielle Union look. Don’t let anyone ever fool you in thinking the part struggle isn’t real.
What we love most about 360 lace frontal is that they look natural, and with proper care they can last for years. Don’t front, we know you want a frontal. Luckily, Mayvenn just launched lace frontals in all our available hair textures. It doesn’t matter if your natural hair is the kinkiest 4z hair texture in the land- with frontals in our straight, curly, loose wave, and body wave hair, you can join in on the fun without having to worry about blending your leave-out.
Still skeptical of how natural a lace frontal can look? Let’s play a game. Can you guess which of the five Youtube stars below are wearing a lace frontal and which ones aren’t? Take a good look at these photos, then, if you’re up for the challenge, take the quiz at the bottom.

Christmas Tree Hair Is The New Crazy Trend


Just when you thought you’d seen all of the crazy beauty trends 2016 had to offer, the Internet has done it again. “Christmas tree hair” is officially a thing, and it’s equally as amazing as it is confusing.

Pulling inspiration from Cindy Lou Who and the town of Whoville, people are now styling their hair to look like actual Christmas trees. As in, they’re dying it green, sticking a cone underneath it and decorating it with tinsel, ornaments and of course, a gold star on top.

As the Daily Mail first reported, people are attempting the over-the-top look with varying degrees of dedication. Some are going full-fir, while others are stringing a set of lights through their buns and calling it a (holi)day. Considering this is the year that brought us graffiti hair, succulent hair and glow-in-the-dark hair, literally nothingcan surprise us anymore — not even this.

Per usual, the comments section of the Internet has had some mixed reviews on the trend, ranging from “This is really cool!” to “SMH, guys” to “WTF WTF WTF?!?!” My brain actually had all three of these reactions upon hearing about this craziness, so it makes sense that the World Wide Web agrees.

Regardless of your opinion on this kind of out there hair trend, it’s undeniable that these ladies are totally rocking it.

360 Lace Frontal Closure Installation Steps


steps for 360 Lace Frontal Closure installation 

As with all weaves, you should begin by prepping your natural hair and extensions. This means washing, conditioning and trimming your real hair. You may also wish to pluck hairs away from the hairline of your frontal, bleach the knots, or dye the lace to better match your skin tone. After making any wanted changes to your 360 frontal, you may need to trim away excess lace from the back of the piece.

Once you’ve finished prepping, style your natural hair in either plaits or cornrows and then put on your two wig caps. Take the needle and thread and sew the two wigs caps down using big stitches in a circle around the crown of your head. Next, take scissors and cut away the excess from the top wig cap.

Next, apply your Straight 360 Frontal Closure or 360 Lace Closure Body Wave and position it carefully into the desired area along your hairline and braid or pin the hair out of the way. Once the 360 frontal is in the right place, sew it down along the outside of the top wig cap.

After the 360 lace frontal closure has been installed, you are ready to begin gluing wefts down in the remaining circular area. You can prep this area first by spraying it with hairspray, or you can simply begin gluing down the tracks. Start by gluing in the back and work your way upwards. Be sure to measure the track against your head before cutting and gluing.

Once all tracks have been glued into place, it is time to cut away the remaining lace from the hairline. After trimming the lace, you can either use lace adhesive or styling gel to secure the frontal into place.

There you have it-Beautyforever hair 360 lace frontal – all the steps it takes to make a stunning, natural looking 360 lace frontal pronto quick weave. Using a 360 lace frontals to complete this quick weave is that you can achieve many different styles, such has up-do’s and high ponytails with ease.