Malaysian wavy hair-beautiful wave pattern

malaysian wavy hair.jpg

Malaysian hair has a beautiful wave pattern that tends to hold up well in any condition. Enjoy and Fixx yourself with our Malaysian Virgin Wavy hair that bounces seamlessly with every step and shines at every angle

If you have long been dreaming of having Malaysian Wavy Hair, we offer just the ideal solution for you!

Our daily customer growth continues to grow in numbers due to our commitment with exceptional customer service. Our staff will be able to help you find the best Virgin Malaysian Hair lengths and provide you with information on our other products. We are excited to help you obtain the right fixx.

The malaysian wavy hair that we offer has all its cuticles keeping the same direction,and it is good quality hair, this is 100% real human hair, no chemical, no smell and no shedding tangle free, can be dyed and bleached. Malaysian wavy hair weave which is so soft and thick has a extremely luxurious feel and natural luster,and many different hair style you can choose from body wave , loose wave, deep wave and natural wave and so on. Virgin wavy malaysian hair is easy to maintain and looks healthier and more stylish. One of its advantages are going from wavy to straight with little efforts. It can also be treated like natural hair, dyed, curled, and straightened to match and blend with your natural hair color.


Best Virgin Indian Hair for African American Hairstyles

Will Indian hair blend well with the texture of African American hairstyles?

  • Yes, because the Indian hair is also ethnic it blends perfectly with African American Women hairstyles.

Indian Hair has been Hollywood’s best kept secret for decades and seen on all of your favorite celebrities because of the natural durability and flexibility it offer. In addition, Indian hair has highly coveted texture because it can be manipulated so easily with heat and therefore yields a wide array of styling options. Your weave is only as good as the hair extensions you use so here are a few tips for using Indian Hair Extensions.

If you don’t want to straighten your hair but you just want longer hair that matches your natural texture I would recommend Jerry Curly Indian hair if you have 3c or 4a hair.


Best Virgin Indian Hair

The Processing

Once we receive our hair we meticulously inspect the hair before we begin washing and wefting. At Beautyforever Hair Company our philosophy with hair is simple. Natural unaltered virgin Indian hair makes the most beautiful hair for extensions and weaves. We do not believe in processing hair and selling it as virgin.

The Customer
Beautyforever believe that if our customers experience the highest quality human hair extensions they will become customers for life. Beautyforever operate under the principle that when a customer is happy with a product they will come back for more. Over 60% of Beautyforever customers are repeat customers. Beautyforever have a discerning customer base that requires only the best so we focus our energy on providing a consistent product time and again. When people ask why Beauty forever hair company… we say “When you use the best virgin Indian Hair you will immediately recognize the difference.”

How to care for Brazilian hair weaves?

Brazilian hair

How to care for Brazilian hair weave is a question after buying your favorite hair weave. Here are tips that might help you care for Brazilian hair weaves.

1. It’s better to use a shampoo for chemically treated hair when you wash your weave hair and either use a leave-in conditioner or deep condition to repair and strengthen the hair.

2. It is good to limit the use of heat straighteners as frequent use can sometimes distort the overall wave pattern.

3. The Brazilian hair should be moisturised regularly with a light moisturizer that’s free from mineral oils.

4. If the ends become dry then using hair oil that nourishes the weave hair on damp hair should smooth and hydrate the hair.

5. As always, glue-in weave hair can be cleaned using a dry shampoo and hair extension products shouldn’t be used anywhere near the glued tracks as they can cause the glue to become sticky which could mean the matting of your growth hair.

6. You can find your beautiful new hair today, and at Beautyforever we are able, ready, and willing to offer the best hair weave to buy!

Start enjoying your beautiful new head of hair today!

$10 Off Brazilian Curly-Virgin Hair Bundles


Brazilian curly hold curls well and is soft and smooth. Brazilian curly use Brazilian virgin hair, this virgin hair is thick, soft and naturally wavy. Brazilian hair comes available in a wide range of colors and lengths and is often much shinier and silkier than other hair textures.

How to treat Brazilian Curly hair?

Remember yourself that you should not apply any styling gel, mousse or other such products on your hair extension. If needed, it should be done by a stylist. Heat and dyes can be used on the hair to get a stunning customized look. It can be done so because this hair has never before gone through any kind of treatment. So, you can be sure you will get your desired natural and beautiful results.

How to buy the best Brazilian hair?

Brazilian hair has been getting more and more popular in the last few months. If you plan to purchase this hair you need to look for certain things.

Brazilian hair is clearly healthful and bright. In fact, this hair has received so much reputation because of it being healthy, smooth and vivid. If the extension you intend to get seems damaged, flat and dry, then it will not be well worth the cash you’ll spend.

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Hair Extentions:Tape In, Clip In installtion and Remove

light brown tape in hair extensions

Consistent with professional hair stylists, applying and casting off hair extensions isn’t a tough manner and you may do it your self as soon as you understand a way to do it. however, this is limited to three extension styles. Here is a better examine how you could apply and do away with hair extensions by yourself.

Tape-in hair extensions

Tape in hair extensions installation
1. divide your hair into sections and pin these for your head, leaving the bottom section open.
2. place those extensions for your hair at roughly half an inch from the foundation; it offers you the liberty to fashion your hair without applying any pressure on the roots.
3. after you attach the primary extension, lift it and clip it to the hair already pinned.
4. take the 2nd hair extension and press it against the clipped hair extension you have already got. now, the 2 tape in extensions are glued collectively along with your natural hair between them.
5. observe with the ultimate extensions, making sure which you depart a distance of half of an inch among the 2 units.
1. when you discover the tapes, apply an ok quantity of the remover over those.
2. you may additionally use remover-soaked fingertips to do away with the tapes. once soaked with the remover, they loosen and fail to stick to each other. this permits you to effortlessly pull the extension hair slowly off in a down ward movement.
three. to take care of any residue for your hair, observe a touch remover to the surface.
4. do now not try to take the second extension out until you have got absolutely eliminated the primary one.
five. after taking them all off, wash your hair with a glue removing shampoo to wash away the any residue.more about tape-in hair extensions

blonde clip in hair extensions

Clip in hair extensions installation
1. divide your hair into sections and clip all of them on your head, leaving most effective the hair phase closest for your neck.
2. tease and backcomb your hair roots and follow with a hairspray.
three. start via clipping the right clip into the roots of your hair before shifting directly to the left and the middle clip.
4. release any other section of your hair, ensuring it’s far at the least an inch above the hair section you added the extensions to. this may allow your herbal hair to cowl the extensions you delivered in advance.
5. add as many extensions as you want, leaving sufficient hair every time to fall over the extensions.
6. if you want to feature extensions to the corner of your hair, installation it a minimum of 3-4 inches above your ears to enjoy a natural appearance.
1. place you thumbs on either facet of the top of the clip and your index arms proper below your thumbs.2. use your thumbs to drag the clip downwards and your index arms to exert an outward stress to open the clip.
three. as soon as the clip has been opened, carry these away from your hair.
4. make certain to apply gentle motions so you do no longer pull out your herbal hair in the system.extra about clip-in hair extensions

New Arrival Brazilian Hair Extensions For Women

hair extensions.jpg

I like to share everything you need to know about the latest beauty trends and styles. Today we talk about Brazilian hair.

New arrival Brazilian hair extension is one of the maximum flexible and exquisite forms of hair extensions available on the market. The hair comes available in a extensive variety of colors and lengths, and is often tons shinier and silkier than indian hair weave. With its vivid look, Brazilian hair is gentle to the touch and comes to be had in numerous textured patterns. The hair can preserve curls properly, and is tender and smooth.

Brazilian hair is coarse in texture and heavy in density. It is available in styles of naturally straight, wavy or curly. The virgin a hundred remy human hair is nearly very clean to transform into your selected colorations and styles. You could dye it, exchange color, or supply any texture you need. it is able to final longer with right protection. The hair curls properly and can be used with a number of different lengths and patterns.

If you need bouncy hair that works nicely for most hairstyles and blends properly, Brazilian human hair can be your nice choice.

About Brazilian hair
Regularly said to be sourced from the agricultural regions of brazil, this virgin hair is thick, soft and obviously wavy. In comparison to peruvian hair, Brazilian hair comes available in a huge range of colors and lengths and is regularly tons shinier and silkier than peruvian hair.with its shiny appearance, Brazilian hair is gentle to touch and springs to be had in numerous textured patterns.

The hair can hold curls well and is gentle and clean. The feel of brazilian hair can range from natural instantly to bouncy Body waves, and those extensions are famous in countries in west africa. while cared for properly, this hair type can final quite a long time. No special protection is needed for the hair. Generally, brazilian hair will healthy any coiffure.

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Clip In Hair Extension Install Application

Hair extensions become very popular for women who cern about fashion and beauty.  You must heard of Clip in hair extensions, in this blog I hope you can get knowledge of how to install Clip In Hair Extensions.


Starting at the lower back section of your head, use a tail comb or index finger to divide (horizontally part) your hair, at the lower back of the head i.e. just below one ear to the second ear.

*Also, you can start parting even lower, as low as you want to place the first weft*

hair extensions


Beauty Forever Clip in Hair Extensions should be attached from the bottom up. Starting at the lowest point on the hairline, and using a tail comb or your index fingers, create a part where you wish to section off the hair.



Clip your remaining hair, firmly on the top of your head, to keep it out of the way as you fit the wefts.



Take the first weft from your pack of Beautyforever Hair Extensions first weft should be long enough, so that the weft is wide enough to sit along the back of your hairline. Then open all the clips so they are ready to be inserted into your hair.



Next take one of the wider hair wefts and insert the opened centre clip just below the parting. Insert the snap clip on your hair not on the raw scalp. Snap the clip shut, so it grips your hair. Repeat with the remaining clips.



Release the hair you held out of the way and create a new parting. To do this, comb down a layer of hair, with about half an inch or so between each weft layer. Each time secure the extra hair, on top of your head.



Now insert the remaining wefts in the same manner as above. Repeat the process with a new parting above each weft extension.



Now that the Beauty Forever Clip in Hair Extensions are attached, run your fingers along the weft to make sure it lies flat against your head along the entire width. If there are any gaps, correct this by snapping the clip open, lifting it off hair and repositioning it so that the weft lies flat.



Insert and position the 4 side pieces so they frame the face and blend with your own hair.



To remove Beauty Forever Clip in Hair Extensions, snap open all the clips and gently lift up and away from your hair. Never try to remove a weft without first opening all the clips.