Brazilian Body Wave Hair Weave Bundles

Brazilian Body Wave Hair

Brazilian Body Wave Hair is always measured in bundles. The number of bundles needed will depend on how thick or long you want your hair to be. If properly taken care of the hair will last for at least 12 months, and as long as 24 months. The hair is of similar strength to our own natural hair and we should be able to treat it the same. That means it can be bleached, brushed, dyed, and washed in the same way.

Variety of Brazilian hair

There is a wide range of Brazilian hair available in market. It includes Brazilian relay virgin hair, Brazilian hair bundle deals, coarse human hair, kinky straight blow out, Brazilian body wave, kinky curly clip, Brazilian deals with closures and much more.

Brazilian Hair

Nowadays Brazilian hair are very much in demand. Brazilian hair is soft and shiny. Brazilian hairs are used much among people because of its softness, durability and thickness. Different textures in Brazilian hair can be worn. Brazilian texture includes straight, curled and dyed.

Brazilian virgin hair, Free Shipping

Beautyforever hair understands every woman’s needs when it comes to beauty, which is why we only offer high quality Brazilian virgin hair online. With over 20 years of experience, Beautyforever team is committed to achieving customer satisfaction and providing only the best. Beautyforever guarantee you’ll have no regrets once you buy hair extensions from our store.

Brazilian hair, Brazilian virgin hair, Free shipping

Brazilian virgin hair are an exciting trend among celebrities and fashionable women of color. Virgin Brazilian hair is in demand for its consistent color, texture, and versatility. Brazilian straight hair weave have been featured in several leading magazines since they can add volume to women’s thinning hair. Other hair types like Curly Hair Weave are in demand to help to provide more flexible styling.

Brazilian Body Wave Hair

Brazilian Body Wave Hair is always measured in bundles. The number of hair bundles needed will depend on how thick or long you want your hair to be. If properly taken care of the hair will last for at least 12 months, and as long as 24 months. The hair is of similar strength to our own natural hair and we should be able to treat it the same. That means it can be bleached, brushed, dyed, and washed in the same way.



What Is Human Hair Closure?


A Human hair closure is basically a small hairpiece.It is usually used with hair weave installation and allows you to wear a full unit/full weave without leaving much, if any .

Beautyforever hair offer top grade lace closures available at the lowest prices … Top Hairpieces that come in human hair, beautiful and natural looking.

Description of Beautyforever Brazilian Body Wave Human Hair Closure:

Human hair closure  Type wavy
Hair Extension Style Body Wave
Human Hair Type Brazilian Hair
Hair Materia 100% Virgin Human Hair
Hair Grade 6A Unprocessed Virgin Hair
Quality 1. Full cuticle, can be dyed.
2. Double layers machine made weft, tangle&shedding free.
3. Soft and clean, almost no lice or knits.
4. Very little white or grey hairs, 100% human hair, no mixed animal hair.
Feature Can be straightened, curled and permed.
Chemical Processing None
Color of body wave closure Natural Black (we have more colors as mentioned below, and we also can make colour as your own colour chart, please can contact us)
Length 8”,10″,12″,14″,16″,18″,20″,22″,24″
Weight About 100g
Delivery Time In common stock 1-3 days, sample 4-7days, and flexible delivery time you can ask.
Package 1 pc 100% Virgin Human Hair

Body Wave Virgin Peruvian Hair

Out of all the types of virgin hair extensions available, Virgin Peruvian Hair is by far the most versatile. Peruvian hair is not only durable and strong, it’s light and easily blends with most natural hair textures. At Beautyforever hair we adore Virgin Peruvian hair and we were thrilled when YouTuber, Jay Thomas, completed a review of our Virgin Peruvian body wave hair and lace closure on her YouTube channel.

Jay Thomas is a blogger who appreciates quality, yet affordable peruvian body wave. Her channel is filled with hair and beauty product reviews and we looked forward to what she had to say about our Virgin Peruvian body wave hair. Here are some highlights of what she said:
First up for review was our peruvian lace closure and here’s what Jay had to say:

Firstly, Jay admired the reinforced edges of the lace closure and noted that the color of the lace was not too light.
Jay was pleasantly pleased with the density of our closure. Her closure was thick and full, yet remained soft to the touch.
Jay was able to run her hands easily through the hair on her closure. She commented on how soft and nice it felt in her hands.
Jay admits that she is “a sucker for good packaging” and she adored the custom Maxtress packaging her bundles came in. Here’s Jay’s first impressions of her Virgin Peruvian body wave bundles:

Jay loved the shine and luster of the hair.
She noticed the thickness of the bundle and noted that it was by far the thickest hair bundle she had ever received.
The ends of her hair extensions were in excellent shape.
During her review she also performed a bleach test to see how our peruvian body wave virgin hair withstand chemical processing. Here are a few highlights and the results of her test.

For the bleach test, Jay used Clairol Kaleidocolors Blue Tonal Lightener, Salon Care 30 Volume Crème Developer and Ardell Red Gold Corrector Plus.
Using a piece of our 16-inch Virgin Peruvian Hair, Jay conducted the bleach test with the products listed above and left the hair to process for about 45 minutes.
Jay was pleased with the ending results of the bleach test. She commented on how Maxtress hair dyed better than extensions she purchased from other retailers.
From her video, we can see that Jay was very happy when the quality, texture and thickness of our Virgin Peruvian body wave hair. We look forward to seeing how she styles these extensions in her other videos.

Virgin Peruvian hair is very strong and durable; which means it can withstand bleaching, dying and heat styling. If you want to give our hair extensions a try, please don’t hesitate to visit our website ( Not only will you find affordable, top quality virgin hair extensions, you’ll also find useful hair care tips and reviews from other Maxtress users.

Brazilian Body Wave Hair Style

Bundles Required:   You need approximately 3 bundles of our Brazilian Body Wave Hair for a full look. The longer the hair length, the more bundles you will need for a full look:

10 to 14 inches – 2 bundles
16 to 22 inches – 3 bundles
24 to 30 inches – 4 bundles

Installation Tips:  We suggest that you follow the below tips to make sure that your Brazilian body wave hair bundle is installed properly:

Do not cut the weave tracks:  Instead, keep each weave track whole and install by wrapping around your head.  Cutting the tracks creates loose ends, which leads to shedding.

Do not weave through the tracks:  Instead, weave around the tracks. Weaving through the tracks destabilises the stitching, which can also leads to shedding over time.

Styling Your Brazilian Hair Body Wave: Our Body Wave Brazilian Hair have been textured into its wavy texture.  While you can straighten the hair, it is meant to be kept in its wavy form.  Over time the Body Wave style may become looser and closer to a Natural Wave look.  If you want the hair to go back to its original Body Wave form, simply curl the hair using a curling iron and/or bendy rollers.  Refer to our FAQs page and Blog to find hair styling tips and tricks to keep your Peruvian Body Wave Hair looking great.

Buy Body Wave Human Hair Reviews

          Opinion After Buying boy wave human hair in Beautyforever hair mall

First Impressions: Woah this hair is really soft and tangle free! I was getting compliments from everywhere on it.

Shedding: There is minimal shedding at the Malaysian body wave hair. What do I mean by minimal? If I run my fingers through the hair during the day there is no shedding. I’ve never to find a hair that doesn’t shed at all. I would say these body wave hair bundles from Beautyforever hair mall are better  than the average.

Tangling: The tangling usually goes hand in hand with shedding in Body wave hair bundle. If you got a bad lot of hair that sheds significantly it will also usually tangle. To far the tangling, along with the shedding has been minimal.

Shipping: Shipping for these extensions was very fast (3 days from Hong Kong to Norwich, CT) but this is actually becoming the norm for these companies. It’s pretty rare that I see hair companies taking month to ship hair so be wary if your  vendor is offering this option. Shipping should also usually free. Get the most bang for your buck by selecting the free shipping standard option. Hair was shipped with DHL (usually is with these companies) and the only requirement was to have someone home to sign for it, which is always good.

Buying 100% Unprocessed Brazilian Hair Weave

Brazilian hair weaves available in various colors so everyone can choose their preferred one according to their complexion. Brazilian hair weft made entirely out of 100% human hair.

Virgin Brazilian hair can be used for Brazilian hair body wave, straight, natural wave, loose wave, curly hair weave application. The best part about Brazilian hair weaves is that you treat and care for them as if they were your own hair.

Buying 100% Unprocessed Brazilian Hair Weave

Nobody wants to spend his valuable money on a fake product. That’s why the last thing you want to purchase is a synthetic product claiming to be the 100% Brazilian hair weaves. They will melt or will be unable to sustain any style like real weaves would.

To save you the heartbreak, we have compiled some tested ways to identify whether the hair weave you want to buy is original or synthetic.

Tips to Test Your Brazilian hair weave 

Buy only from sources that are recommended by your friends, people who have already bought Brazilian hair weaves from there. Make sure you also do your homework before visiting the place.

Check how the Brazilian hair weaves feel. Although, you cannot try a hot iron to verify its authenticity right there and then, but you can still touch to know how the texture feels. We all know how real hair feels like, so identifying synthetic hair from real Brazilian hair weaves is rather simple and straightforward.

You can also check reviews from salons or online retailers who claim to sell 100% authentic and durable hair weaves. Always remember, cosmetic products are priced for a reason. Don’t buy anything that is priced too good to be true.

Check the color as it is not supposed to be dyed and may slightly vary for some portions of the hair. Come to think of it, we have hair that may have different shades and not necessarily uniformly colored in a single tone.

Check the quality and texture of the shaft and ends of the hair weave you’re about to purchase. Maybe it is 70% real hair and 30% artificial. Also, if you notice any breakages or split ends, reject the product right away.

Fake hair is often recognizable as it is all of the same color, done in an attempt to deceive the buyer who will mistake them for authentic and genuine hair.

When you wish to buy 100% genuine Brazilian hair weaves at Beautyforever hair mall, you can also check them after buying. Before you have it woven onto your head, do a flame test with any strand of the weave. If it is not real, it will be extremely flammable. Although, real hair can burn easily as well, you can easily identify the smell of burning human hair and something that is synthetic. You can return the fake hair to the store by showing them the same test.